Family Golf

Bilder vom FamilygolfplatzBunkers, rises and falls, as well as various grass heights and rocks in the middle of the course - these are just some of the obstacles that have to be overcome.
18 holes on artificial turf should inspire the mini golfer and those who want to become one. There are no age limits with Family Golf - every visitor has their fun when trying to pocket the ball with a few strokes.
As with golf, Family Golf is played with real golf clubs (putters) and golf balls. The only thing you don’t need to play Family Golf is a handicap.
Prices for Family Golf (one round)
Adults €4.00
Students (with ID card) €3.00
Children (under 12 years) €2,50
various family packages from €9,50
Discounts for groups of 10 people, 10 tickets, season tickets, etc.
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